The Sunday Scaries: Colic

“Whoever tells me they are head over heels in love with their baby before 4 months old is a liar.” When our pediatrician told us this at our 2 week appointment, I thought he was just being funny. “What is he thinking? Being a mom is so magical,” I thought.  Fast forward to 5 weeks later, this is probably one of most honest things I’ve heard in my first seven weeks of motherhood. Of course all moms love their babies. You spend nine hard months growing this tiny human and then have to push him out with the tiniest ounce of energy you have left. But loving someone is very different from being in love with them.

Let’s face it – infants are 24/7 hard work. For the first few weeks, our little one slept about 22 hours a day and cried only when he was hungry. Two and a half weeks later when he hit his due date, everything changed. It was like a lightbulb went off that day and he was like, “Oh now I’m ready to be out”. Everything was different. He opened his eyes up wide, started being awake more, and even started to make different faces at us. All of these things were so exciting! Our baby was finally interacting with us and we were thrilled. However, something else that came with hitting his due date: colic. 

→ps. If you are sitting there thinking “this is me”, read to the end to see my tricks to battle colic with our little one.

There are some days where he is a little angel. He smiles, plays, and can sleep pretty much anywhere. Then there are the other days where he pretty much eats, sleeps, and screams. These days are the hardest days and are becoming much more frequent: aka every single day. I’ve never felt so many emotions at once. Part of me feels horrible he is hurting, but the other parts of me feel frustrated, tired, and sick of having a headache.

Something I’ve learned (or I’m trying to learn) is to find joy, simplicity, and grace in all of this. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be. I cannot expect myself to wake up every day with a huge to-do list and check every single thing off. Or expect that just taking one walk will make me magically fit. Things I can expect: setting a goal for accomplishing one thing each day, becoming more fit over time, and God will be with me through it all. This is just a small part of our story.IMG_5897

Austin will not cry continuously forever. He still loves us even when he cries and I am still a good mom. One day I know we will miss these moments – even the moments where he cries for hours on end. So here’s to loving every season of life and every minute we get to spend with our little one. Also here’s to a large iced coffee, my new Proverbs study book (thanks She Reads Truth) and stress relief workouts – mama’s gonna be needing it.

Tricks to Combat Colic

Always ask your pediatrician for their expert opinion!

  1. Gas Drops – We buy the store brand to save money, but any gas drops for infants will do! You can mix this in your baby’s bottle or give it to them right before or right after a feeding. We give our gas drops at the beginning of feedings to avoid Austin spitting them up.
  2. Gripe Water – Same idea as gas drops – given to baby right before or right after a feeding. Since this dosage is bigger than little gas drops, we got a MediFrida Paci to help him drink the gripe water calmly.
    1. I recommend choosing gas drops or gripe water, not both. Again, always ask your pediatrician first!
  3. Football Hold – Hold your baby across your forearm (head near your elbow and bum in your hand) and gently rock side to side.
  4. Baby Wearing – My favorite way to wear Austin is the Solly Wrap. This wrap is made with breathable fabric and is easy to wash when needed.
  5. Swinging and Swaddling – Babies are used to motion, especially in the “4th” trimester. Swinging and swaddling can help calm your baby in a way that feels natural to him.
  6. Tummy Time or Reverse Breastfeeding Hold – Think about it, when you have a bellyache, the last thing you want to do is lay flat on your back. Try tummy time (on a soft surface like your chest or belly) or holding your baby on his side away from your body.
  7. Anti-Colic Bottle – Try an anti-colic bottle. We personally like Advent but every baby is different!
  8. Call for help! If all else fails, call someone to help you before you get too frustrated.